The Manta Network Community Challenges is an on-going series of activities that anyone in the Manta Network community can participate in. These activities are fun, simple, educational, and most of all, rewarding. Each challenge has a unique reward.

👍 Challenge Requirements

The Manta Community Challenges are designed as a way for our community members to be rewarded as they learn and educate the greater web3 ecosystem on what we’re building. Therefore, we want to make sure that participants are first and foremost community members. Please make sure that you are following all of these rules to ensure that you are a community member.

  1. You must be following Manta Network and Calamari Network on Twitter.
  2. You must be a member of the official Discord channel.
  3. Your Twitter bio must include at least one of the following:
    1. #MantaNetwork
    2. #CalamariNetwork
    3. $KMA
    4. $MANTA
  4. The Prize Committee has the final say on the winners of each challenge, and our decisions are final.
  5. Remember: quality over quantity. Submissions will be manually reviewed, so please take the time to create something that you’re proud of!
  6. You cannot use old content. The content you submit must be published on or after the date that the challenge began.

🏆 Previous Winners

🚀 List of Available Challenges

List of Challenges